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Ten costly mistakes Nepali entrepreneurs in Australia make in common.


From grocery owners and education consultants to mortgage brokers and lawyers, there is hardly any business in Australia that a Nepali entrepreneur has not been linked with. With the increasing rate of  Nepalese immigrants incoming every year, the number of businesses owned by investor of a Nepali origin is also multiplying.

Associate prof. Dr. Kishor Vaidya

The businesses are of various nature yet they tend to have few characteristics in common – “the costly mistakes”, argues the University of Canberra academic Dr. Kishor Vaidya.

Associate professor Dr. Vaidya pointed out these common mistakes while presenting a paper during the first National Entrepreneur Conference 2017. The conference was organized by NRNA Australia.

What are those 10 costly Mistakes ?

  1. Inappropriate Business Name.
  2. Ineffective Marketing.
  3. Poor Time Management.
  4. Excessive Political Involvement.
  5. Copying others.
  6. Trying to appear bigger.
  7. Zero investment in skills development.
  8. Messing up with Accounts and Finance.
  9. Not evaluating progress.
  10. Not seeking multiple streams of extra income.

These points are the summarized contents of Dr. Vaidya’s presentation. He can be contacted at kishor.vaidya@canberra.edu.au for further details. 




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