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A Nepali Footballer challenged Ronaldinho’s Goal. Guess Who ?


If you are a football fanatic, you probably know the goal scored by Ronaldinho during a world cup match against England in 2002. The Brazilian striker chipped English keeper David Seaman to find the top corner of the net from 30 yards.

Ronaldinho’s free-kick was spectacular also for a reason that it secured Brazils position in the semi finals sending tournament’s favorite England home from Tokyo. Brazil clinched the Cup defeating Turkey (1-0) and Germany (2-0) in the semi-finals and the finals respectively.

Little you may know about the goal scored by a Nepali footballer against Bangladesh which football pundits claim to have been a much better attempt than that of Ronaldinho. Sagar Thapa, the skipper of Nepali squad found the topmost corner of the net kicking a free-kick from 37 yards.

Thapa scored on the last minute of injury time (94:59) utilizing the opportunity Nepal was awarded after Nepali midfielder Rabin Shrestha was fowled. Isn’t the goal spectacular ? Comment your views.



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